The Farewell Tour {3rd Bedroom}

Time to head upstairs to take a little tour of the 3rd bedroom! Which hasn't seen the light of this blog since 2014 *gasp*. A good old friend moved in and not much has changed in the room since - aside from his IMPECABLE d├ęcor taste! So, let's do a little re-wind before the money shot SHALL WE!?

When I first saw this room is was a cold winter day. The bedroom only felt a few degrees above what was outside. I later learned this was due to inadequate insulation, and a broken window sash (which OF COURSE my dad found the replacement part online). The floor was covered in haphazard carpet colors stapled (by hand!) all over the room. Which made removing it THAT much more fun! Also, those walls, IDK what's going on but the wood had uniform GOUGES in them - which makes ZERO sense.

OH and BTW, the old owners didn't want to get rid of the furniture - so I was all NBD I gotchu, and sold it ALL on craigslist. Which funded the majority of this renovation #winning.

SO! First we added insulation and fixed the window...and opened up the vents so our fingers didn't freeze everytime we went up there. Then I removed the carpet and filled in the walls. Paint, Carpet, and BOOM - it was ready to become a normal functioning member of the bedroom community in this house.

Glamor shot time!

The stair wall leading to downstairs had this awesome picture gallery my friend put in - and he drew just about all of the pictures himself!

The room is a great size, and it's perfect as a master with 2 closets and room for a little office outside. Some homes in SLP convert one of the closets (the larger walk in to the left of the photo above) to a 1/2 bath which I considered. I think if I'd stay in the house longer that would have happened. OKAY guys we're almost done with the farewell tour. Hopefully by the time we ARE done i'll have another house to show ya? Wishful thinking?!...

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