The Farewell Tour {The Kitchen}

Hey guys! Didn't forget aboutcha! Just got a little side tracked getting all married and such :), but MORE on that later - today we get continue on with the FAREWELL TOUR! OKAY so I know basically all I've been talking about on this blog this past year is THE KITCHEN, but whatever. We're doin it again! One of the things I loved about this house was that the kitchen opened up to the dining room. The dining room (and basement laundry room/workshop) were additions at some point by the previous owners. I wish I could have high fived them for that move because dining rooms in SLP are RARE, and the fact that it was open (with a view to the backyard park!) was like omg let me sign the papers now.

I lived with this kitchen for about a year and a half before I was all 'smell ya later.' What REALLY got the ball rolling was a co-worker who was doing his kitchen at the same time. So we spent a few days building cabinets/hauling materials from the distributer together. He's done it before, so that helped ALOT, because omg adding sliders to drawers that don't have them almost killed me.

I ordered all of the cabinet doors from a distributer, then spent about a week painting them. I hired out the installation of the counters, installed the backsplash and appliances and BOOM. Loved that kitchen, so clean and bright.


Heart eyes all day for that bad boy. OKAY ready to head UPSTAIRS?!

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