3 months of pent up anticipation can make ya move QUICK, let me tell you. After signing the papers (and getting a drink because OMG stressful) we went over to the house and hit the ground running! I still cannot believe how much we accomplished. HUGE shout out goes to my parents, and Dans aunt and uncle (Hey Patti and Jay!) for coming over on Saturday. Just, wow guys.

SO, what did we do? WELL! On the main floor, we took down the kitchen wall:

Removed the living room door frame/opened it up on the other side:

Removed the appliances, took down the kitchen ceiling, demoed the brick, demoed the breakfast nook turned bathroom... basically made the kitchen look like as big of a disaster as possible:

Funny story, so this brick is super fake and we hated the look. We saw in the basement that there was a chimney under there with actual brick so we figured they probably put this fake stuff over the real stuff so we will chip it away and VOILA real brick. My mom and I were too curious to wait and started chipping away at the fake brick to see if there was a buried gem. NOT ONLY was there real brick (as we suspected) under there, but there was about 8" of DEAD SPACE behind this like whaaaaaaaaaaat. The black vent is actually a laundry chute (LOL), so ALL of that got ripped down so we can get some more kitchen real estate!

That was the extent of the first floor mess. Upstairs we ripped out ALL the carpet (Hardwood foors!!):

(adding new stair treads to my running list of things to do...)

And we tore down the bedroom wall!

Like why was that even there? No one knows. 

THEN! Right when I thought everyone was too tired to keep going my dad is all, hey don't we need to get the tub out. WHY YES WE DO!

So he gets up in the ceiling, saws off the tub and him and Dan rip it out (ohhh how easy it is to type those kind of things haha). And don't you just LOVE opening up exterior walls and not seeing ANY insulation. C'mon 1900s construction, why couldn't ya hook us up with any of that?!

Some less glamorous things (ie: I don't have photo proof that it actually happened) that we did over the weekend: cut down the trees that were eating the house/garage and removed cabinets left in the basement (to accommodate the new bathroom plumbing.

SO, like I said - SUCCESSFUL weekend. Dan and I are SO thankful to have people in our lives who think this is as fun as we do and will come help for free beer (currency of the future).

What's next?
Well, you can't tell from the pictures, but there are alot of cracks in the plaster, and the ceilings are all in pretty rough shape. So we have a crew of guys here this week to repair the plaster. The dumpster was delivered (thank the lord!) so our yard doesn't look like a landfill anymore. THEN we need to demo the bathroom floor, the kitchen floor, take down some wall paper...yadda yadda yadda. FUN times ahead guys!

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