Wanna take a look inside?!

About 4 days before we closed on the house, we ACTUALLY saw the house in all it's glory. I mean, we've SEEN the house before but crawling through boxes makes it hard to REALLY see what the floors look like and closed blinds on every windows makes it hard to see that although some are cracked, they let in some pretty amazing light!

OKAY so here is the grand tour. I don't have any floor plans drawn up so just, join me on this photo adventure :)

Reminder, this is the exterior of the house.

The front door opens up into a cute little porch area. The plan for this room is to try and salvage the flooring and bring it back to life. Put some paint on the walls/trim, a cute light fixture, and a few chairs to hang out in.

Once you walk in, immediately to your left is a little den. There are original french doors for this opening in the basement which I am ITCHING to re-hang here. This room is going to be my office, so a little paint, a cute light fixture and this room will SHINE. All 3 walls are filled with windows, it's going to be amazing.

Directly ahead from the front door is the living room. Beams on the ceiling! The molding!

We are going to remove that door, it's to a closet. We will open it up from the other side to access it through the back door. Closing this off gives us a little more wall space to really make it FEEL like a living room. 

To the right of the front door is the DINING ROOM:

It has this AMAZING built in, and is a HUGE room so we are pretty pumped about that. The doorway in the picture above goes into the kitchen, so we are going to knock that down a bit to open it up and let in ALL the light. Otherwise, scrape the ceilings (whyyy popcorn whyy) and sand the floors and this baby is good to go!


Nothing to write to Joanna Gains about (yet!) but we have some pretty fun plans for this space. The wall above the stove is the one that is getting knocked out...BTW. Also, faux brick? whadddup (bye). Scattered shreds of wall paper, a hole in the ceiling (hmm below the bathtub WHAT could cause that?!), and plywood for flooring! We are going to keep the cabinet boxes and get new doors, all new appliances, flooring etc.etc.etc.etc.

Beyond the kitchen is a little breakfast nook which is totally cute and everything, but do we really need a huge dining room AND a breakfast nook?!

Probably not.

Plus it's kinda bigish for a cute and quaint eatng nook so guess whats going there?! A bathroom/laundry combo room! The house is 3br 1ba, and one of the items we really wanted in a house was 2 bathrooms. This was the perfect area for one, and had enough room for a washer/dryer.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, well 4 if you include the bedroom with a wall in the middle...umm no.

There were 3 colors of carpet upstairs! Including a long red shag that hadn't been vacuumed in...quite some time! The room sizes are decent, and we are going to take out the dividing wall in one of the bedrooms to make it a larger master.

The one bathroom in the house is a BEAUTIFUL blue color haha...but unfortunately the tub is leaking (see: kitchen), and the window is riddled with water damage, so that'll all have to go. We want to re-tile it all, raise up the shower spout (because not all people are 5' tall), and put in a new (water proof!) window.

This is the little area outside the bedrooms and bathroom. Beautiful blue stained carpet (probably to match the blue tile in the bathroom?! BUT LOOK at all that storage!

And, Dan's favorite part of the house?

3 car garage! Ya know, for all of our RVs (they are 10x10 garage doors!). The footprint of that garage is larger than my last house...CRAZY. Oh and they were nice enough to leave (what they called) a play house on the property! The next big gust of wind should knock that sucker down.

So, yeah this house needs a little love, but we can just SEE the potential and cannot wait to actually have it realized. We started demo this past weekend and have crews here this week to start knocking out some items, can't wait to show ya the progress there!

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