I've written and re written this post 5 times. For 5 different houses. But finally, I am able to hit PUBLISH.

If you have been following the blog, you might have gathered (how could you not?!) that I sold my house and my (new!) husband and I were looking for another one (because you can only squat in your sisters house for so long). If you ask anyone doing the same thing this past year (yeah we've been looking for a year) they'll say the same thing: the market is cray (crazy).

Why is it cray? Well here is my 'i'm not a realtor' view of it. About a year ago sh*t hit the fan and house prices went up and things were STILL selling (like, my house!) #supplyanddemand. Other homeowners were all like "omg, our neighbors house sold for WHAT? HONEY PAINT THE CABINETS WHITE WE'RE SELLING THIS PLACE!".  And so they did, along with every other house. Paint the cabinets and trim white (what? we've never painted before but it looks easy?!) and slap a statement color on the front door before fabreezing your way out the door to sell the place (no we never had dogs whaaat).

We saw ALL of those houses. The ones with the sticky cabinet paint, carpet with no carpet pad (ummm), and dining rooms turned to bedrooms to add another comp to the listing (it's okay, we will just eat in the 'eat in kitchen' for one). It. Was. Discouraging. We wanted a fixer upper, but we DIDN'T want to fix a shotty job. Thus, the problem.

In the past year there were about 5-8 houses that we ACTUALLY liked, all were estates of some sort (what? we have a soft spot for dated carpeting, wall paper and handicap bars in showers). Once we gave eachother the silent nod of approval we started to run the numbers. What are the renovation costs? What is the anticipated payback? Do we even want to live in this area? UGH should we just sell everything and travel for a year (legit question I asked multiple times, to no avail).

With each offer, I basically move into the house mentally, which I found to be emotionally draining. AND, with every offer we submit, there was a higher all cash offer to follow. Most offers were met with 5-12 other offers on the table. SO COOL HUH? It was a bit discouraging to say the least, and I had to mentally move out of each house, which was a logistical nightmare (LOL).

But, of course I am spilling this to the interwebs because, we FINALLY hooked a house. The house had sat on the market, out of our price range for a few months. Our realtor checked it out one day and said it was worth looking into but it was still fresh on the market (aka little wiggly room price-wise). Over the holidays it sat and finally in January we went to see it to see if we could make this one work. (YES we first looked at it in JANUARY and now, April, we get the house. I'll explain that mess in a minute...)

Most houses, the more we stay in them during the showing, the less we like them. We start to find the flaws that maybe we can over look, and continue to convince ourselves that this house can work. Then there were the houses that the more time we stayed in them, the more we saw ourselves living there, and overlooked the renovations ($$$) that needed to happen because OMG LOOK AT THAT BUILT IN HUTCH. This was one of those houses.

LOL isn't she a BEAUT. Kinda looks like a haunted house huh?

Yeah, the roof is shot ($$$$), and yeah the kitchen ceiling ($$) has holes in it from water damage ($$$$), and yeah there are a few broken windows ($$$$$$$$$$). BUT! The beautiful molding around the doors! The cute little den and beautifully large dining room! And best of all, the ONE thing we couldn't change about ALL other houses: the location, it was perfect. We saw potential here, so we ran the numbers, drew up a budget and crossed our fingers that they would accept our offer. There was a bit back and forth, but guys, we got a house!

Like I mentioned above, our offer was accepted in the beginning of February, which if you know math, that is more than the typical 45 days, or even 60 days waiting game. It's also the reason you don't see any interior photos above. In an effort to not put the previous owners on blast (I could write NOVELS about the drama in the past 3 months, but i'll spare you), i'll say this: they were hoarders. We are going in pretty blind to a few things with this house because we just couldn't see everything prior to making the offer. A few areas were cleared after 2 months of little work which helped us to navigate the renovation projects. SPEAKING of renovations! We are hitting the ground running right away! 2 walls will come down, one bathroom will be added, and so. much. more. We have one month before we move in and here's hoping we have a habitable space by then!

Brace yourself bank account, renovation projects are coming...

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