that two week push

OH HEY GUYS! So I left you in the (saw) dust (floor sanding jokes FTW) after we sanded the floors. After that weekend it was basically two crazy busy weeks and then, WE MOVED IN. Yes, last Friday we moved in. We are still KNEE deep in boxes, my roommate is trying to sell everything I've ever owned, and we both have bruises up our arms #goodtimes #nevermovingabasementfridgeagain.

SO, let's catch you up with some items we tackled pre-move! MY PARENTS. OMG. Parent award recipients. My dad hooked up our appliances - we have a stove! and a dishwasher! a water heater that doesn't leak everywhere! And my mom painted our bedroom and started tackling boxpocolypse on moving day. Also, they kept us fed/sane SO THANK YOU OMG.

OK so, we sanded the floors and then we were like peace out MN (me for work to ATL and Dan for fun to NY). The break was great/needed, and when I returned it was time to, IDK, get a working bathroom before we moved in a week later?! LOL.

So, we fixed the floor boards and the tub was installed, so we needed ALL THE TILE. And guess what this beekeeper chose?!

HEX! and BLACK! I promised myself after my last house to not have white grout in a bathroom again because omg how can you keep that ish CLEAN people?! I LOVE THESE FLOORS. They feel modern, but like not too much where a 100 year old house would reject them. You can see in the above photo I tried using those professional leveling do-hickeys and NEVER AGAIN. They didn't work (like big gaps below, because hi old unlevel house) AND the plastic doesn't just "break off super easy when you kick it with your foot." NO. You have you dremel them out one by one without damaging the tiles. SO ANYWAYS. don't use those. Laying the tile was super quick once I got going - we invested (finally!) in a sliding tile saw AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

Oh hi vanity! At this point, the floors were tiled but the shower still had cement board (aka we can't shower/the plumber cannot finish). I said uncle and called to get a tile guy to come finish the shower tile off ASAP. SO glad I did that, I mean it kills me (as you know) to hire out something I can/want to do, but time was not our friend in this game. BUT IT TURNED OUT SO GOOD, so we good.

See that little nugget in the wall? THE SHOWER NICHE? Gave me all the headaches...allow me to divulge. SO, instead of crafting my own box, I went to buy one of those pre-fab ones to screw into the cement board. I measured the stud and ordered one. HOWEVER, the measurement wasn't for the rough opening, it was the interior measurement WHICH MAKES NO SENSE. So, then I had to order a special size online which OBVIOUSLY came after we installed the cement board which meant that I got to spend 4 hours cutting a hole into cement, and adding blocking supports behind it...BUT I'M SO GLAD I DID. I love not having bottles on the cliff edges of the tub. #thelittlethings. 

SO, LOL, moving day came and I spent the morning grouting the shower. Talk about taking things down to the wire. 

Still haze that needs to be cleaned off but OMG CUTE RIGHT?

OK, so remember this bedroom?

The wall is gone! The walls are skim coated! The walls are painted!

You might be thinking, "Jenn what happened to the baseboards over there? Is that a new trend??" Unfortunately, no. The previous owners added outlets ABOVE the plaster in this area with like a raceway, which was very industrial/office/not cool. So we took out the baseboards to bury the wiring then we will drywall patch it and reinstall the baseboards...just FYI because I know you all care.

SO, TWO awesome (read: not) things happened on moving day. So our staircase is like, big, and makes a right angle from the first to the second floor with high ceilings so it NEVER occurred to us that there would be a possibility that a box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs and OMG LOL they don't. So we had to take down this bed frame and re-assess our bedding situation which included an emergency trip to IKEA until we can make adult decisions like that.

The other item: our sewer main backed up (in unison: GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) The basement was flooding which was awesome because we just moved a bunch of boxes down there. SO I went and grabbed a snake from the hardware store (aka my second home) and we couldn't get through to anything so at 9pm on Friday night we had a guy come over to solve all our smelly problems. Since our house is 100 years old, we have clay pipes from our house to the city pipe (130' away....turns out it's twice the charge after 100' COOL!). Clay, although beautiful for pottery, not so functional for sewer lines. Tree roots are ALL up in their business. They put a camera down the line (add that to a list of things I can't unsee) and showed me all the million locations that tree roots are getting in, and a crack in the pipe (OMG GROSSER). The crack is small, and they could drill through the roots to clear the way to the street (technology, guys). Then he was like, we should eventually fix the crack ($5,000) and reline the pipe ($20,000) and I was like, that sounds like a later issue. So we good, but they'll need to come back every year to drill us out...FUN TIMES! Also, I love the oak trees out front so IDcare that they are ruining our pipes. 

SO, what else did we do the week before move in? Well I knew i'd want some semblance of a kitchen to house things, so those needed to get painted. So each night after working on the house I slapped a quick coat on them before heading out. 2 coats of primer 2 coats of paint (Benjamin Moore Advanced Line FTW). We don't have doors yet, but beggers can't be choosers.

SEE THOSE CAN LIGHTS? Finally getting the electrical work done too! Remember, before we had this super low pendant thing:


THE ROOF! Remember when it was raining in MN for 40 days and 40 nights without end? Well the inside of our garage was basically a waterfall, and the house was leaking in areas too (like our bedroom! Which was getting re-plastered at the same time! Cool!). SO FINALLY the rain let up and the roof went up. Clearly it was a little damaged. The crew did a GREAT job and got it all up in about a weekish.

OK that's alot of updating. But tomorrow - WE GET GARAGE DOORS. This garage NEVER had doors on it. You can see 2 photos up that blue tarp - garage doors are under those. They just let them sit FOR OVER 30 YEARS. Anyways, we built down the openings 2' so we could have garage door openers (long story) and took off the siding because it was basically not there anyways.

OH, also I hooked up the washer and dryer without calling my dad EVEN ONCE. I thought the internet should know. However it did take me 30 minutes to realize the water was shut off in the basement which was why it wasn't working right away because I did EVERYTHING right, but WHATEVER.

SO much has changed - things are moving so fast! I'll shoot some photos and have a 'lived in' update for ya ASAPies :)

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