I guess I never really went over THE PLAN for the house with you guys! Like, what's getting done and all. Let's chat about that huh?!

OK Let's start at the front - our main door/entry area. It's a cute little room, full of windows and a screen door that has SEEN better days. The plan here is the paint the interior the same as the exterior, get the paint off the flooring and HOPEFULLY salvage that wood. New pendant light, and possibly a little bench seating area to casually read a book on.

Then you walk in and are greeted with our living room! Oh hi furniture!

Remember there used to be a door there? CRAZY (and not so functional)

So in here, we scraped the popcorn ceilings, skim coated the walls, painted errything (radiators, you are next!), and sanded the floors. This room just needs some styling tweaks that will happen like, later. 

The office! This room already got alot of work done as well. Painted walls, sanded floors etc.etc. We will get a new pendent light and a desk - right now i'm using what will be our dining room table LOL. BUT! The desk arrives this week AND I CAN'T WAIT.

Also, please excuse the box pile, leftovers from boxpocolypse that i've yet to tackle.

Turning around from the office you see this! Our dining room. OH HI BEAUTIFUL HUTCH.

The plan here is to just make it a nice functional dining room. We are refinishing the farmhouse style table for in here. Will get a new light and some chairs and VOILA.

 The kitchen, this room has a LONG way to go. The next few steps on the agenda are flooring (what? you don't have carpet on the floors in your kitchen?!) and drywall. We are getting a built in pantry built for around the fridge, and then we will order cabinet doors/countertops/backsplash etc.etc.etc.

Beyond the kitchen there was this little nook (8x10'). The previous owners had started a renovation in there about 30 years ago (and then...just stopped) to extend the kitchen. We noodled that...we also noodled a little breakfast nook area with seating...but what this house really needed? Another bathroom. Bonus points for a main floor laundry. 

Right now it's basically a tool storage area, but we have the plumbing and electrical work done in here. And that door leaning up to the windows in the last photo? That'll be the door into the room (we will frost the panes) so that light will still creep into the kitchen. This room will get done at the same time as the kitchen - flooring and drywall next! 

The upstairs bathroom is coming along! It's fully functional, which is a win. There used to be blue tile that ran up the walls halfway and left a not so cool glue effect. Since this is plaster, and we are sick of taking down plaster walls, we are going to install beadboard around the perimeter of the room to hide this. Also, that hole? Laundry chute. 

Other than that, this room will get a paint job post-beadboard, a mirror (hopefully this week!) and a new or updated light fixture and BAM it's done. Oh and don't worry about that ceiling issue, i'm going to magically become a pro at skim coating plaster and fix that all reallll niiice.

OH and the stair well. So first it was covered in carpet. We knew the landing was wood but had NO idea what lingered under those puppies.

No so great. A few broken treads, and all were covered in paint/glue/something unknown and gross. SO! We added new treads and risers to the growing to-do list. We knew this wouldn't be a 'phase 1' renovation project. Probably something we will try to tackle in the fall/winter time. We are going to try and match the stain to the window molding too, which will take mas trial & error rounds. SO! We decided to paint them for the time being. We used a porch paint which held up well (until the movers came in, a few touch ups will tie us over) and just color matched it to the walls on the main floor. 

The bedrooms upstairs are hosting a boxpocolypse convention, once those get sorted out i'll gettchaa an update there but OMG LOOK.

If you recall, when we bought the house it looked like:

I briefly mentioned this before, but we had to build the garage doors down 2'. The way the garage was built, there is a beam that goes across the center preventing garage door openers to be installed, which is a 21st century necessity. So, we built down the doors from 10' tall (LOL) to 8' which is a standard residential door height. Then, doors were installed and new siding was put up! It already looks 100 times better, but that'll double once the house gets painted.

OK what else? Um THE BASEMENT. This will likely be a next year project, but we want to make it functional. The ceiling height is semi-legit for a 100 year old farm house. There is enough space down there for a bedroom (maybe a bathroom if we are feeling extra crazy?) and a little sitting area or workout zone...noodling all the ideas. 

We also have about a decade of landscaping to do around here...since it hasn't been managed in a coons age. We've already started taking down some trees (that were literally growing INTO the garage roof) and brush etc. However, the previous owners have a mountain of concrete debris on the side of the house? Like broken concrete, but some strategically poured areas which makes me wonder WTF WERE YOU DOING BACK HERE GUYS? (and also omg what is UNDER that...) Here's hoping we don't uncover something gnarly in the process. 

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