Oh, haaaaaaaaaay guys. It feels like just yesterday I was here writing the last post but NOPE a straight up month and a half has passed and omg why does summer ALWAYS move so fast! Those precious summer days...which brings me to my next topic: getting things done in the summer and how impossible it is. There are a few reasons here, but the most apparent one was highlighted as I TRIED to finish the trim in the upstairs bathroom - WE DON'T HAVE AC (yet). I hung 2 pieces of trim and 3 panels of beadboard and about passed out from heat exhaustion. Now the MAIN reason it was SO hot in the house at that time is the topic of this post!

THE HOUSE GOT PAINTED! So, for about 3 days (however, it felt like a century) our windows (the only things giving us air/life) were covered with plastic so they could spray this bad boy. They were so cute when I told them we were dying inside though so NBD.

"so, uh, how long will the plastic be up we uh...don't have air conditioning" I off handedly mentioned to the painters while gasping for air.

That day they worked late into the night to be able to uncover a few windows the following day. FINGER SNAPS FOR ALLLL.

Anyways, onto the paint! As with all decisions that I am forced to make, I like to consider all the options in the universe and mull over it for decades before never actually making a decision. It's super efficient. I thought picking out a roof shingle color was hard but there are SO many more paint colors in the world! Like idk how this paint sample will look and THERE IS NO TURNING BACK.

So, I turned to pinterest and looked at ALLLL the houses i'd pinned before, 9/10 they were navy...and when they were navy there was about a 60% chance it was Hale Navy. We also walked the neighborhood and looked at roof color to house color and weighed the pros and cons for FAR too long before making the decision and second guessing it until they finally bought the paint. We are really good at this.

Here is the 'before' in all it's haunted glory. At some point in this house's life, stucco was put on OVER wood siding which makes me all sorts of sad. We noodled the idea of removing the stucco for like 4 seconds mainly because we were scared as to WHY they stuccoed over it? Like....is it damaged beyond repair and we'd make a bigger mess? Probably.

The first thing the painters did was power wash the house - which help TREMENDOUSLY to just make it look less horrible. Especially that foundation - GAH.

We added boards all around the house prior to panting. When we bought it there were only boards hanging in certain areas, IDK why, so we added a bunch to make it look a bit more finished off.

As mentioned before, the garage needed MAS repairs before ever seeing a paint brush.

We built the doors down, got a new roof, and (finally!) added doors to a garage that has NEVER had them in the past (why tho?).

It took 2 guys three weeks (mainly due to rain delays) to complete the job. They had their work cut out for them too - BUT LOOK!

They did SUCH a good job. We matched the base of the house to the metal on the storm doors, but otherwise the blue is Hale Navy, and the trim is Falling Snow.


However, since the house looks legit now, the landscaping is starting to stick out like a sore thumb...so that's nextish on the list. And that's going to be a BIIIG project. Dan already started by ripping out some shrubs while I was out of the country (QUICK trip to Croatia with the girls!). We need to grade the mudslides occurring around the house so water stops getting into our basement (FUN!) and edge/plant things everyyyyywhere. Anyone have some hostas/hydrangeas/anything they are looking to get rid of next spring!! I'm your girl!!