That open concept life

EVERYONE wants that open concept in their house. Just watch Property Brothers "ok so we will knock this wall down all simple and such..." WELL, we took the open concept to ANOTHER level these past few months. OPEN STUD CAVITIES!

YUP! That's the kitchen we've been living with since demo hath commenced. Ya know, we like to keep things open and airy, it's real nice... However, a definite improvement from what was there: 

BUT! Turns out the common folk prefer to NOT see wires dangling from their ceiling and the inner workings of a lath and plaster wall. So we decided to pull the trigger on installing drywall! Once we made that decision, I realized the amount of work I had been putting off to prep for said drywall. YOU SEE, once those sheets of white beauty get hung, I can no longer run electrical without creating a WHOLE other mess. Most of the work was done, but we needed to move a few things around to get them juuuuuuuust right. 

When we tore down the top of the wall into the dining room, there were a few outlets that were in that wall, and have since been dangling in the abyss behind the oven/cabinet. Re attached those bad boyz to some studs. The other electrical item lingering was a little sconce that was in the closet. It's a hard space to photograph, but the area inside this door to the left used to open up into the living room many moons ago.

At that time, there was a makeshift sconce light that was rigged up precariously. It came up through where a wall was, so once we ripped that out we needed to move the conduit. I drilled a few holes here, a few holes there, and ran the line up the new stud wall (where the door used to be) and secured it in place. We will put a little pull string sconce there once drywall is up and we pick out a fixture.


For pretty much ever, the new bathroom/laundry room was a dumping ground for material and tools. We FINALLY cleaned it all out and brought it to the garage, which got us REALLY excited to finish this space. We forgot what it actually looked like under all the paint buckets and tarps.


OK so let's take a quick tour here. As you walk into the room, on the right is a shower (where the step ladder is...) and beyond that is a little nook for a vanity. Which of course I can't just BUY a vanity and make things simple for me. No, I found a DOPE farmhouse sink that i'll build a custom vanity for and OMG it's going to (hopefully) be super cool.

Then I got around to building out the blocking and adding the shower niche, because we all know i'll never wait until the hardiboard is already up to do that again...#lessonslearned

Here's another shot of the sink area, we will have a sconce above the mirror (which is that blue box) and OMG LOOK AT THAT YELLOW STUFF! INSULATION! What a concept! This house has ZERO so we are adding it where we can!

 If you turn around you are greeted with our washer and dryer and the hook up to the toilet! Once we get the flooring in we will install that puppy, and put a little counter above the washer/dryer for folding etcetcetc.

These windows are so adorable and charming I LOVE IT.

SO, once drywall is up then we will be working hard to paint the walls, tile the shower, hang the bathroom door, install light fixtures etcetcetc. THEN, once everything is good and ready, we will get that flooring in. I mean, plywood and carpet remnants IS a nice flooring option...but again those damn common folk...

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