Travel Videos!


This summer has been one for the books. The past monthish we have been to Park city (wedding!), Laguna Nigel (wedding!), and NAPA (mom's birthday!!). Each location was amazing and beautiful and so fun. #blessed. In addition to that, I've been traveling a bit more for aside from hiring out the drywall (post coming soon...looks SO much better!), nothing has gotten done on the home front. Thankfully, this fall things will quiet down a bit more so I can duct tape a paint brush to my hand and finally knock a few things off the to do list.

BUT! I brought our go pro to Napa and made a little video of the trip I thought i'd share with ya! The trip was so fun, and something we've wanted to do as a family for a while. What better time than to go celebrate my mom's 60th birthday! We spent a long weekend drinking wine, playing pickelball, and drinking more wine. Take a look!

THEN, after I made that and saw how fun/easy it was, I dug out our gopro footage from our honeymoon and put ANOTHER one together. I was on a roll. Check it out!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the fall weather that finally decided to roll in!