Stripping Hardware (the right and the COMPLETELY wrong way)

You guys! You're welcome. I did something completely wrong to show you WHY it's wrong. Isn't that SO nice of me? Like, a project that should have taken a week, is now on week 4 just because I love you. What is that project? Stripping hardware!

Let's dive into this telling tale of 4 doors. These doors are the closet doors in our bedrooms. Beautiful, original doors that I love so. The doors have seen better days, riddled with scratches and questionable coloring splotches. In a perfect world, I would strip them and seal in the beautiful dark wood that is under the 3+ coats of poorly painted latex. However, 2 issues here. 1. I don't want to go insane stripping and refinishing doors, at least not at this point in my life. 2. My husband has a thing with mis matched wood coloring (light floors, dark doors is not OK in his book...still not sure how i'm getting away with the light floors and dark trim on the main floor but I'LL TAKE IT!).

SO, we wanted to paint them the same white that all the trim is getting (some day) upstairs. The doors have been off the hinges since we sanded the floors. Since they weigh a million pounds, it made sense to paint them now before re-hanging. As you can see in the image below, the previous painting crew decided to throw caution to the wind and just paint RIGHT over all of the hardware. Slackers.

 My vision was Oil Rubbed Bronze hardware against a beautiful white door. And come hell or high water IT WILL HAPPEN.

So I spent a week painting the doors. One coat of primer 2 coats of paint (my go to combination). As I rounded the corner on the final coat I picked up some Citri-Strip for the hardware. After trying (for all of 10 minutes) to get any of the screws out of the hardware I threw in the towel and had a GENIUS plan to meticulously paint the stripper on the hardware and scrape it off with a brush.


It KINDA worked. Day 1, I picked up a metal brush to help and some paint came off. I felt hopeful. I added another layer of paint stripper on. I did this for three days, it was moving at a snails pace and wasn't looking like my VISION. I started to notice the metal of the hardware wasn't Oil Rubbed Bronze, and one door was even a brassy color (THE HORROR). Also, they were pretty scratched up.

After snail steps with that idea, I bit the bullet and decided to take off the hardware. It took 4 different flat head sizes and the strength of an ox to get some of those stripped screws out (pro tip: put a rubber band around the tip of a screwdriver for stripped heads). But really, it's what I should have done in the first place.

Here's what I was working with. This was one of the handles that hadn't gone through the 3 day Citri-Strip failed method. SO! I tossed them into a crock pot with soapy water and OMG SO EASY WOWWWW.

 I put one of those crock pot bags over, since I still plan on using this bad boy for human food and don't really want chipped paint residue lingering.

THE PAINT PEELED RIGHT OFF. So easy, wish I would have saved myself the time and just powered through in the first round. SO NOW YOU KNOW! Then, I picked up some ORB (oil rubbed bronze) Spray paint and made them look SO AMAZING.

BUT! THE STORY DOESN'T END THERE! So that Citri Strip? That I delicately painted on the hardware? Started to leak onto the paint around the hardware! So everything I wanted white was actually pink! SO GREAT! I sanded these areas down to the BARE WOOD twice. Didn't work. Scrapped it away with paint thinner THEN sanded again. Didn't work. Had a meltdown in the garage. Didn't work.

So, I painted LAYERS of primer. It took about 6 coats before I could no longer see the pink coloring. OMG so fun guys, just hanging out in my spider infested garage watching paint dry.

ANYWAYS. All's well that ends well?


 Better? Yes? Yes!

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