Trimming Oak Trees

Did you know that you can only trim oak trees in November? I had no idea! Apparently if you trim them prior they are more susceptible to die/rot (THE MORE YOU KNOW). Not exactly sure on the science but we had a few tree trimmers over for quotes and that was the unanimous time to trim!

We have 4 huge oak trees on our property, two on the front lawn, and one on either side of the house. Three of them had branches that were overhanging our roof a bit. When we first moved in, we were greeted with an army of ants. A few inside, but mostly all over the siding. We had our pest guy come over and spray, and he highly recommended getting those branches trimmed. He said little buggers will climb the branches and drop onto the roof which is no bueno for the future of our ant-less house.

The branches were not all that large, so falling on the house wasn't a concern of mine, but a re-occurrence of an ant army was. So, we got a few quotes, and had them ring up a few other items on our daunting landscape to-do list....SO! I thought i'd give a little exterior update.

The main areas of concern were two trees to the left of the garage (currently hitting the neighbors power line & our NEWLY INSTALLED garage roof line), the forest to the right of the garage, and a tree that has been entangled in our house's powerline just ASKING for it to snap.

So, while they were there trimming the ol' oaks, we had them chop down the three trees, and clear out the brush on the side of the house.

YES, we could have cleared the brush on the side but wanna know something? Dan got poison ivy 2 years ago. And that my friend is something neither of us ever wants to live through again! Also, sometimes when the price is right, ya go for it. We wanted to clear the side of the house as basically a 'prep' for next spring. Next year is THE YEAR OF LANDSCAPING. And we have SO much work to do, so a jump start was necessary.

So the crew came, and within 4 hours they had 3 trees cut down, 3 oak trees trimmed, and cleared out ALL THE BRUSH from the side of the house. 

Do normal people landscape their trees with concrete rubble? Is this a new trend CAN THIS BE A NEW TREND? We knew there was a bunch of concrete over there. Apparently there used to be a large dog kennel back here (OMG SAD), but the fencing was taken down (all but one post) and the concrete has since been broken up and left there. Another great treat from the previous owners.

ANYWAYS, so after the landscapers left Dan and I stood and surveyed the land to see what to do next. OK we can rent a dumpster to throw the concrete into, a jackhammer to break up the concrete, and have someone deliver dirt to level out the area...totally doable...probably $400 and a weekend of work...

THEN, the next day the landscapers texted me and were like..."hey girl, want us to get rid of the concrete...and backfill with dirt...and make all your landscaping dreams come true?" YES PLZ.

So, they came back, this time it took a bit more time to level everything out, and dump the dirt etc.etc. but THEY DID IT.

And then it snowed, so just imagine how great that area is!

What's next, you might ask? Well Winter. Then we need to edge/mulch the ENTIRE yard surrounding the house. But for that back area, we have been noodling a few ideas...including A CHICKEN COOP.

To further convince Dan it could work, I drew up a plan. We have the garage (white box), the black cylinder is a tree...and I want to grow some veggies next year so that's what the two planter boxes are for. The chickens would (eventually) be able to roam the area behind the garage...but LOOK HOW CUTE IT COULD BE!

What do you guys think...SHOULD WE GET CHICKENS? Do you have chickens? Can you tell me all the things? Please?!

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