Kitchen Update | DRYWALL!

Installing drywall is kinda like sanding floors, in that everything needs to be moved, and dust gets everywhere. In the perfect world, drywall would have been done prior to us even moving in. Perfect worlds don't exist in DIY land.

When we got the bid back from the company we wanted to go with they said it'd take a week...JOKES! Had it actually taken a week, it'd be fine. Living without a kitchen for a week is NBD. Living without a kitchen for two and a half weeks? A little tougher. Knowing what we know now, we would have moved everything out of the kitchen and been and learn?

ANYWAYS, we really like the work they did/do, the timing mainly took so long because they needed to wait for the mud to dry...and they had to mud a few times to blend everything in (plaster to drywall). We also had them install the backer board for the tile in the shower. Drywall and backerboard isn't HARD to install, but imperfections are obvious, and the material is HEAVY. So smaller jobs, yes go for it. Big jobs? Nahhhhhh.

Here's the before/after drywall (threw in some bathroom progress too!) and it's made SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE!

This is where the sink/vanity will go in the bathroom with a mirror and light fixture above. We have a cute farmhouse sink picked out, and plan to DIY a sink base below that...should be fun! 

This is the cement board backer for the tile in the shower, and a little shower niche I installed to keep shampoo bottles at bay.

AND for funsies, where is where we started! 

Since drywall dust is just always apart of your life until you put paint on walls, I got to work right away once they finished. The kitchen is the same color as the rest of the main floor (Navajo White) and the back bathroom is the same custom green we put in the office.

Drywall made ALL the difference in that space, and we can't wait to see the rest come together. What's left on our Kitchen to-do list?!

  • Level and tile the floors (this is next!)
  • Order/Paint/Install kitchen cabinet doors and drawers
  • Trim/crown molding
  • new countertop/sink install
  • Custom cabinet built around the fridge/chimney stack
  • Install door to bathroom
  • Hang new light above kitchen sink

Time to order the tile flooring! OH! And we are going to install radiant heat under those bad boys mmmmm, can't wait!

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