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Does anyone else get that kick in the pants come January to get your life in order? Like, you just spent the last month eating cookies, binge watching christmas movies, and drinking signature cocktails at holiday parties. So you wake up January 1 and are like "WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE" but less dramatic because you're tired from staying up until midnight the night before to watch the ball drop.

We sat down and made a list of ALL the house projects we wanted to get done. I laid them out in this post about our goals this year. January 1 we started full steam ahead with this list. That afternoon we started taking down the wallpaper in our spare bedrooms, as well as finishing up a project I was REALLY excited to tackle - closet organization! I felt like my closet needed a good purge session, and what better excuse than to take everything out and get it some adult shelving in the mean time.

So, we set out to tackle three of the closets upstairs. My closet, Dan's closet, and the linen closet. In my last house, I built some easy shelves in my closet for more storage. However, this time, we needed more than just a few shelves. We needed an overhaul. I've come to find that if something has a place, i'll put it back. If it has an area...well, just look at my closet.

 So i started to research closet organizations and came across the ALGOT system at IKEA. It. Is. Amazing. The easiest thing to install, and you can plan everything out on their online tool to make sure it's custom to what you want. AMAZING. #notsponsored but really, just I love it!

Let's start with the Linen closet. Here is where we started, day 1:

We took the doors off right away to pull the carpet and refinish the floors. We plan on adding new doors here. I tried to make these ones work by adding some detail molding but it just, didn't work. So new doors it is!

This picture makes me laugh, like what were we doing that we needed a SHOVEL up there?

The linen closet itself is huge. Which was a pleasant surprise for a house this old. However, the shelves were super deep, and there was alot of dead space on the bottom (which perfectly fit our shop vac! haha). It ended up becoming a jumbled mess and we'd have to re organize it every few months.

It also fit the tile saw box! In case you were interested in that little nugget of information.

Enter: The ALGOT storage system. We noodled in their online tool on how many shelves/baskets we wanted. Tried a few different layouts, and once we landed on one we both liked, went to pick it up!

IKEA pro-tip:  if you have your list with the bin #s on them, enter through the returns door and sneak past the registers right into the warehouse...skipping alllllllll the mess that is IKEA. 


DemoDan everyone, his specialty is ripping things out for me to put new things in. 

Once he was done, I patched all the holes, and sanded the walls down so they were ready to paint!

I painted the walls of the closet the same as the walls of the hallway (Navajo White). All the trim in the house is Polar Bear (which apparently is just the standard can color of the Benjamin Moore Advanced line?).

STEP TWO: Hang the top bracket

There is a top mounting bracket you can get with this system (GET IT). You screw that in level on your wall at the top of where you want your brackets to hang. Once that is anchored in, you hang the brackets off that.

Before you screw those into the walls, to ensure that the spacing is correct for the shelving, hang one shelf high and one shelf low. Then screw in the side brackets to the wall. We chose to have two separate shelving units on either side with room to hang swiffers/brooms in the middle. Once the doors are on you won't see the gap (or, really, anything in there... because that's the magic of doors).


Unless you're me and have two more closets to do...but first, before and 'during'?!

Still need to install the doors, and tackle the built in to the left...but that seems like a task for another day...

OKAY, now onto our bedroom closets.

Hot mess express right here.

Let's back up.

HA jokes, remember when there was a wall right in the middle of our room and we couldn't see anything in there because it was so dark?!

AHH much better (see floor patch in bottom corner).

Super awesome that our bedroom has two closets, it would have been a shame if Dan would have had to use the spare bedroom closet for his clothes :)

See that piece of wood dangling from the right closet? That's the access to the attic! So Dan's closet has always had some weird storage issues because of that. Instead of using what was there, he got one of those movable racks as a temporary (8 months, LOL) fix. Let's tackle his first...

DemoDan got to work right away, followed by the paint crew (me) to prep the room. We put shelving along the wall to the right, and to the left.

A nice shot of our attic door because who doesn't like attic doors?! Also, we need to find a ladder to work in that is less "i'm a huge attic ladder" and more "i'm simple and won't get in the way of dan's clothes" ladder. 

Then there was my closet...knowing we were going to re-do these in January, I just gave up. Lofting clothing up on the top shelf, if I missed it landed in a basket on the floor. Whatever. All I had to work with was a bar across with a shelf on top, girlfriend needed MORE (shelving...less clothing).

So, I emptied it all out (and donated 5 bags of clothes!!!!!!!!!!).

 Demo, Paint, yadda yadda yadda.

This time, I used three brackets in a ROW to have side by side shelving.

It feels SO GOOD to have all the things organized. SERIOUSLY, go try it.

Speaking of CLEANING...I did another thing in January, cleaned out my diet. I did that Whole30 thing that people keep talking about - i'll be back later this week to tell you ALL ABOUT IT. #notafoodblogger

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