THE BATHROOM | our first finished room!

YOU GUYS! We did it! We finished ONE ROOM IN THE HOUSE. It only took us 9 months but we did it! I mean, the WHOLE nine months wasn't working on this specific room obviously...thankfully...

So (my favorite part) let's take a walk down memory lane ONE LAST TIME (i promise)...

EVERYTHING was blue, most things had water damage, and a few things were just not functional (looking at you shower head). We knew this place had some maj issues judging by the hole in the kitchen ceiling below. So, we (and by we I mean fasha and Dan) ripped it alllllll out.

 We, unfortunately, had to replace most of the subfloor. If there is ever a job from this project I would prefer not to do again, it's replacing subfloor. Just not my jam, ya know.

^and yes, the toilet is being held up by shimmying subfloor under it...we are professionals here I PROMISE.

Next came the tub and tile, love that hex tile with the subway in the shower!

Then we installed a little wall treatment to hide the repercussions of taking the wall tile off...

After that all we needed were the finishing touches...install the heater, put up some art/shelves, etc.etc.etc and BOOM we're done!

Not QUITE the same angle, but a little before and after of the space for ya: 

This was the first 'gut to finished' room I've ever done, and MAN did we learn alot! Mainly, baby steps. When things felt overwhelming just take one small project at a time...which is probably why it's taken so long to finish! Sources on where we got everything below:

Vanity: Wayfair
Mirror: The Cottage
Sconce: Home Depot
Tile: The Tile Shop (floor), Home Depot (Shower)
Towel Hooks: Anthropologie (on sale now!)
Towel Bar & Shelf: Bed Bath & Beyond

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