The Shack

Growing up my parents disregarded child labor laws and put  my sister's and I through some less than desirable home renovation projects. "Hey kids, put on some pants, it's 100* and we're putting some insulation up in the attic!" or the quick and loaded "Hey, can you help me for a second," hours later and one staircase, we're done. Although, i'm sure, we complained the entire way with a side of teenage angst, these projects gave me a small taste for the DIY life. Yeah, it's not fun to lay a patio in 90* heat, but dayym if it's not the best patio on the block when you are done (because, you built it with your fingers). There is the weird sense of self appreciation after such  projects. You just kind of stare at it for hours smiling thinking, "I CAN DO ANYTHING!!"

So, with a false sense of confidence, in January of 2014 I bought me a house. And since I don't have any children to put to work, I slowly, SLOWLY fixed it up...and SOLD it in April of 2016! *confetti dropping from the ceiling* Below is a BRIEF rundown of the chaos that were those two little years in this cute house.

>>Stone wall Feature


Main Bathroom:

Downstairs Bathroom:

Bedroom #3:


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